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Kasey Bledsoe is a proud Lancastrian resident. America’s oldest inland city, which served as the capital of the American colonies for a single day in 1777, boasts numerous historical points of interest. One such venue is Lancaster Central Market, the nation’s oldest continually functioning indoor farmers’ market. With the colloquial term Market, the space has been providing fresh meats and produce since 1730. Florists, artisanal cheese makers, bread, and pastries have also been added over the years. CNN ranked Lancaster Central Market as one of the top fresh marketplaces in the world. The Central Market Trust is a non-profit organization comprised of community volunteers, existing standholders, and officials from the City of Lancaster. They are committed to protecting, preserving, and sharing the market’s unique heritage.

Another long-standing fixture in Lancaster is its healthcare system. Lancaster General Hospital (LGH), where Kasey previously worked as a registered nurse, is a non-profit hospital near downtown Lancaster. LGH is part of the University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS), a multi-hospital health system based in Philadelphia. They have been rated nationwide in two medical specialties, Diabetes & Endocrinology and Orthopedics, fourth in Pennsylvania and first in Lancaster County. Kasey Bledsoe’s hospital has received Magnet accreditation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) for excellence in clinical results and patient safety. In 2021, US News & World Report ranked LGH as Pennsylvania’s fourth-best hospital on a national and state level. 

Kasey has spent years working alongside other medical personnel at LGH. As a traveling nurse, Kasey may be found catering to patients’ needs around the hospital, counseling patients, and collaborating with health professionals on a typical day. Kasey works as a Registered Nurse in Interventional Radiology, supporting vascular and heart surgeons and monitoring patients’ vital signs. Kasey also serves as a liaison between patients and clinicians. She provides patients with pre-and post-operative information and answers their questions. One of Kasey’s favorite aspects of nursing is her camaraderie with the people she cares for. She celebrates with her patients during the good times and consoles them during the sad moments. Kasey also contributes to her community through volunteering. In addition to raising money for causes close to her heart, Kasey Bledsoe works at health fairs promoting wellness programs, disseminating health education materials, carrying out exams and vaccinations, improving public health awareness of health concerns, and promoting community resources.

Find out more regarding Kasey Bledsoe’s life and career by visiting KaseyBledsoe.net and KaseyBledsoe.org.

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